In this time of crisis, many are in need of a message of hope.  If you navigate to the Alham Vale Benefice website, you will find this week’s readings, some prayers and a clickable link to a short video message for the week.  It is our hope that you may find this an encouragement at this difficult time.

We now also have an Alham Vale Facebook page, which you are invited to look at.  Please check it out.

We are all having to do things differently at this time and technology is one of those areas where we are having to learn and adapt to quickly.  So please join us in this journey, try out what we are offering, tell us kindly when we get it wrong, encourage us in our endeavours and above all, we pray that you take away some measure of strength for your own daily lives from what you find here.


Or church is now open daily for privare prayer from 9am to 5pm.  One pew is open and we ask you to comply with the latest health and safety advice. But church is not and never has been a building.

Prayer is possible

whoever you are,

wherever you are and

whenever you are in need. 

It is a free gift to us and a comfort in times of stress.

It is not always easy to find the right words, so here too is a prayer you may like to use:


God of hope, be with us, calm our anxious minds and remove fear.  Surround us, keep us safe until the threat passes.  Surround us with love, and deliver us from evil.

Protect our families, preserve us, O God, and keep us in health and provision.  May our community, despite enforced isolation, be united through acts of loving kindness.  Surround us with love, and deliver us from evil.

Help those in the NHS as they care for the sick and deal with the virus, for businesses as they manage the economic challenges and for employees sent home.  Surround them with love, and deliver them from evil.

Grant wisdom to our government and may the PM be surrounded by wise counsel.  Guide their decisions today to lead us safely.  Surround them with love and deliver them from evil.

May those working to stop the pandemic globally make the breakthrough they need to eradicate the virus.  Reduce its impact on other nations affected today.  Surround them with love and deliver them from evil.  AMEN


And let’s remind ourselves of certain truths in these uncertain times:-

LOVE will never be cancelled

PRAYER will never be cancelled

CONVERSATION will never be cancelled

KINDNESS will never be cancelled

FORGIVENESS will never be cancelled

FRIENDSHIP will never be cancelled

SONG will never be cancelled

WORSHIP, as a way of life, will never be cancelled

HOPE will never be cancelled






Our picturesque village church of St Mary & St John here in Lamyatt is part of the Alham Vale benefice.  It is set in beautiful countryside with access to a number of lovely walks.

We meet up for worship twice a month – at 11am on the first Sunday of the month for a short, informal Worship For All service, and at 9.30am on the third Sunday for our communion service.  Up-to-date information on services can be found (as can extra information) on the Lamyatt ‘A Church Near You’ website here.

Our Christmas, Easter and Harvest services are always well supported and we like to encourage different people to read or take part if they wish. The harvest lunch, held in our newly refurbished village hall, offers great value and a good choice of main courses and puddings.  For several years we have also held a pet service and celebrated Lammas (the first bread of the new harvest) seated on hay bales in a barn at a village farm, followed by a glass of our tasty Bullbeggar cider.

The church is open to visitors every day during daylight hours. Inside you will find our wonderful collage, worked by a group of ladies from the village in the 1990s. Postcards are on sale there. In the chancel there are memorial plaques to the Guyon family who held the living here during much of the 19th century. Our stained glass window depicting St Christopher, dates from 1907 and was given by Christopher Welch (hmm, I wonder why he chose that subject matter?) Worth looking for too is the wooden carving of St Christopher. We hope people will find the recent additions of the children’s area and prayer table useful.

On the outside of the tower two carved heads can be found.  These are thought to be St Mary & St John, the patron saints of the church.

We aim be inclusive and to give a very warm welcome to anyone who comes along to join us. We are particularly delighted that our beautiful church has been the venue for a number of weddings in recent years.  If anyone would like more information, please contact a member of the PCC:


Rev Helen Drever – Tel: 01749 831053 Mob: 07949 181745

Please hold Helen in your prayers as she begins her new ministry among us.


Church Wardens:
Freda Gibbons – Tel: 01749 813 477
Anthea Skinner – Tel: 01749 812 103, e-mail

Chair & Secretary:

Anthea Skinner – Tel: 01749 812 103, e-mail

Treasurer and Deanery Synod Representative:
Jennifer Richards – Tel: 01749 812 369, e-mail

Anna Pope

Hilary Pascoe

Sally Schofield



3 responses to “Church

  1. This is a lovely friendly website! Your information about your beautiful church is very inviting. I have stumbled across is whilst doing some research into the life of one of your 19th century rectors and hope to visit personally soon. It is good to know that the church is open to visitors during the day, thank you for that information.

    • Thank you for your lovely comments! It’s always great to have feedback. Do you mind me asking which rector it is that you are researching? I am always interested in the history of our church and village. Jen

    • Thank you for your kind appreciation. We hope to welcome you one day to Lamyatt and our lovely church, and to see the results of your research.

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