The Bullbeggar : A Village Legend

Some yeOrchardars ago, the village of Lamyatt formed a co-operative to produce its own cider, Bullbeggar, after the spirit said to roam Creech Hill by night.

In the early Autumn, on ‘Apple Day’ villagers come together to pick the ancient apple varieties growing in the Montgomery Farm orchard.  Simple, old-fashioned, methods are used to produce a clean, crisp tasting cider of the highest quality.

It’s then matured in old rum and whisky barrels to create its distinctive flavour.

Bottling and labelling is carried out with the help of our friends at Hecks Cider in Street.  Bullbeggar can be found, not only in Lamyatt homes, but also across the country in some of the finest restaurants and shops.

We very much  hope you enjoy it.

If you would like to know more, to help with the production,  or would like to place an order, please contact Nick Smallwood on 01749 814934 or by email


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