2008 Archive

Easter Monday
Egg Rolling down Portway Hill

Village Fete. Thanks to everyone who helped to put on this year’s fiesta. We dodged the rain and enjoyed more events than ever…
The sheep race was won this year by Borat, somewhat improbably.

Apple picking in Ern’s orchard. A great turnout on a beautiful day – many thanks to all. This year’s Bullbeggarhas turned out very well indeed, the editor now notes (August 2009).

Harvest Festival and Lunch. What a fantastic event – lunch for 60 in the marquee, courtesy of the Smallwoods, to whom a huge thank you.

The firework display passed without incident, thanks largely to the excellent organization of the brothers Stone, the unsung heroes of the evening. A crowd of 200 tucked into mulled Bullbeggar and hotdogs and a good time had by all.

An enthusiastic crowd carol sung this year ahead of the Christmas party, with Father Christmas once again its star attraction. The Christingle service was once again well attended, and thanks to our reliable group of volunteers we made a tiday profit at the Bruton bazaar.

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