Lamyatt Matters

(25/03/2020) Coronavirus and Lamyatt

The situation with the virus and its impact is changing day by day. The main news channels and Government & NHS websites will give you the very latest on a national scale. (see below for links)

LOCAL VOLUNTEERS: In Lamyatt there are a number of  volunteers who have offered to help anyone who is self-isolating. They can collect shopping; collect a prescription; or in other ways, such as walking the dog. The contact list was circulated by village e-mail on Friday 20th March. (The Government has also launched a recruitment drive for volunteers to help the NHS and those volunteers will have specific formal roles.)

SHOPPING DELIVERIES: A few people have enquired about arranging a regular shopping delivery to the village by a local store (as opposed to one of the large supermarkets). Church Bridge Store in Bruton is one local shop that is looking to help with that. Those with underlying health problems or aged over 70, in particular, may like this service.

For the local situation with regards to services these local Council and related websites may be of use:

Somerset County Council

Mendip District Council

Somerset Waste Partnership

Please check those websites for the latest on any particular service as many are operating at a different level than before as resources are committed to the Coronavirus situation. For example, the local Dimmer tip recycling facility is currently closed.

National websites with generic advice on Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Government UK

(25/03/2020) Other recent news

SCC Highways were contacted (09/03/2020) about the following: excess water run off adjacent to Crossing Cottage; Potholes on Portway Hill; Grit bins. On  14/03/2020 they were also asked to arrange for the drain by the village hall to be inspected and cleared. So far, they have marked the potholes on Portway Hill as far as the Mendip Council boundary – still waiting for the far end to be marked – and have the other matters in hand.

Broadband to the village. Following on TrueSpeeds presentation in early Feb a total of 26 households in Lamyatt and 6 in Milton Clevedon have completed the forms for a Fibre to the Property connection when it is available. TrueSpeed intend to hold a Drop in session in one of the local pubs to give an opportunity for people to find out more, ask further Questions, etc when the current Coronavirus situation has eased or ended. For those who have specific questions please contact Neil Rogers or 07948 348805 (note Neil wasn’t able to attend the presentation in Lamyatt – one of his colleagues covered for him – but Neil has more local knowledge.)

Planning Matters. Mendip have advised us of a significant development to take place on the edge of the village by Wyke Farms: Demolition of existing pig fattening units, erection of 8 storage units. The application can be seen on the Mendip planning portal here:

The Lamyatt planning sub-group are looking at the details. If you have any thoughts or comments about the development which you think the group should take into account then please let them know, or submit your own comments if you wish.

Potential flooding in the village. We are awaiting the report and findings of the CCTV survey of the gullies and underground channels  carried out recently by SCC Engineers in order to be sure that they are in good state.

Website updating. A small group of villagers will meet when the current Coronavirus restrictions are eased to review the format, layout and updating of the website.

Contact for all the above items is Paul Chadwick (Lamyatt Parish Meeting Chair) on 01749 812420 & 07761 967075. .

If you need to report anything in the village please contact the relevant agency/service direct using the information below. If it is a serious/urgent matter then please bring it to the attention of the village using the village e-mail system; and let Paul know if, after having raised it with the relevant authority, nothing seems to have been done.

Contact information and previous updates on various topics here:



Flood Prevention in Lamyatt

Lamyatt Planning

Speeding traffic in Lamyatt

Winter Preparations in the Parish

Lamyatt Recycling News

Previous postings:

(08/02/2020) TrueSpeed presentation in Lamyatt Village Hall

Lamyatt Parish hosted a meeting in the village hall on Wednesday 5th February to hear of the possibilities of TrueSpeed bringing an improved Broadband service to the area.

All properties in the Parish, and those in Milton Clevedon, had been informed of the meeting and there was a very good turn out to hear Andy Moore of TrueSpeed outline what the offer could be:

  • Fibre to the House
  • 200 Mbps upload & download speeds delivered by the Broadband connection (not ‘up to’ but minimum 200)
  • Unlimited data
  • Fibre connection enters house wherever householder wants it and Fritz (German) modem will be placed where householder wants it – Fibre connection and modem is free as company will claim connection costs using a Govt grant
  • They use existing powerline poles to bring Fibre into the area and between houses but occasionally will use any existing culverts or dig new culverts if required.
  • Includes 1 telephone line (cost of retaining existing phone number £15 one-off fee)
  • Calls out can be made for free over the internet using smart phone settings on wi-fi
  • 18-month contract for house is £47.50 pcm, after which householder can terminate contract (i.e. go back to the old set up using copper wires etc)
  • Cost of £47.50 has stayed the same for past 4 years and no plan to increase it
  • Additional charges per month if you want call divert, call waiting, voicemail services & any other calling plans but you do not need to sign up for these at the present time
  • Existing contracts with other suppliers should be completed and then the TrueSpeed service can commence at end of that contract so as to avoid any penalty for early termination with old provider
  • They provide a “free Hub for life” Broadband service to each community they come into – usually to a village hall
  • Company started up 7 years ago and is backed by up to £75million of investment from Aviva Their long-term business model is to grow the number of subscribers from the existing 12,000 and generate profit from the revenue streams.
  • Local Customer Care Centre – currently in Keynsham and about to re-locate to Bath
  • They are working from the north of the County – originally starting in the Chew Valley – and gradually bringing their offshoots to their main Fibre cable southwards.
  • They will only come to Lamyatt & Milton Clevedon if:
  1. There is sufficient demand shown by householders – that is best shown by a household signing up using the paper forms (a Service Order Form)
  2. They can bring their offshoot to the main Fibre cable into the area through a sequential delivery to adjacent and neighbouring settlements – i.e. communities between Lamyatt and the main route where they are currently delivering Fibre to the house.

They are currently looking at how to expand their operations and networks – we were told at the meeting that it would not be for 18 months that they might be able to install in Lamyatt & Milton Clevedon.

The vast majority of households represented at the meeting on the 5th signed up using the Service Order Forms available in order to signify their support for the prospect of Fibre to the house.

Naturally enough, TrueSpeed will go where there is most demand first and, as stated above, they develop their network in a sequential pattern. They have already been in discussions with Wanstrow and Batcombe (in 2019) about the prospects of bringing Fibre connections there and it may be that we ‘piggy back’ onto that line. Note however that whilst they were originally optimistic that they would be able to start in Batcombe in the summer of 2020, that this time-line might now have slipped.

TrueSpeed also held another meeting to explain their offer in Ditcheat for that community (including Alhampton & Sutton) on Thursday 6th February. Ditcheat has a Fibre to the cabinet exchange via Openreach (BT) but the copper wires from the cabinet mean that many people don’t get a very good service. Again there was a good turn out at the meeting and a large number of those present signed up using the Service Order Forms. It may be that if there are bigger numbers signing up from that community we might ‘piggy back’ onto their Fibre connection if that is first to be linked up with communities to the north of them, and receive a service from the Ditcheat direction.

The more people in the community that sign up using a Service Order form the more likely Lamyatt and Milton Clevedon will get connected. (Note that the Service Order form is the best way to make it clear that there is a demand for service). More copies of the information booklet and the form can be obtained either from Carol Phillis for Milton Clevedon or from me for Lamyatt inc Arthurs Bridge.

Please check out the information on the TrueSpeed website and contact them direct with your own queries and questions about their offer. Also take a look at the various YouTube videos of village examples. There is a different offer for businesses.

TrueSpeed website

TrueSpeed Points West Report

(There are other YouTube videos featuring villages which have now received a TrueSpeed service)

One of the real tests of TrueSpeed will be how well they communicate with all those individuals who have signed up using the Service Order form, and also with the Parish as a whole. The Parish Meeting gives us the chance to collectively discuss progress and developments with this Service possibility. The next Lamyatt Parish Meeting will be in early May. In between meetings, contact will be made with other Parishes to check on progress elsewhere.

If you attended the meeting on the 5th then please talk to any neighbour who didn’t attend who you think may be interested. If you didn’t attend the meeting, ask your neighbours for their views.

Paul Chadwick

Lamyatt Parish Chairman

07761 967075 & 01749 812420

(02/12/2019) Parish Meeting report

Many thanks to those in the Parish who attended the recent Parish Meeting last Tuesday evening (26th November 2019). A copy of the Draft Minutes are below.

Our thanks to our County Councillor and District Councillor for attending and reporting on various matters so as to ensure we are well informed.

The Meeting heard about:

  • the forthcoming changes with the waste collection/recycling  service due to start next summer
  • the situation with the fibre to the house broadband project which has been long delayed
  • the challenge facing SCC Highways with diminishing budget resources
  • an update on the flooding issue first discussed at the last Parish Meeting
  • and updates on preparations for winter; the shoot; and roads, footpaths and bridleways

Draft Parish Minutes Tuesday 26th November 2019 (1)

Copy of Fibre to house broadband report as reported to the meeting by Nigel Hewitt-Cooper – Statement from Connecting Devon

Link to the BBC documentary focusing on the Crisis in Care challenge faced by Somerset

Preparations for Winter – communications from SCC Highways:

The Shoot on Creech Hill – please contact Paul if you need a list of dates that have now been provided to the Parish. As previously agreed, signs are to be put up by the Shoot on the days of the shoot by the bridleways/footpaths so that horse-riders/walkers are aware – these paths remain open and shooting will stop whilst people are using the paths.


(29/05/2019) The Annual Parish Meeting was held in the village hall on Thursday May 16th. There was a good turn out and it gave those present from the Parish the opportunity to hear detailed updates from:

  • The Village Hall Committee
  • The Welch Alms House Trust
  • The Parochial Church Council
  • The Bullbeggar Cider co-operative

The Meeting also had a chance to review local issues concerning Highways, the Pheasant Shoot etc. and review the Parish accounts.

Under AoB the recent electricity outage on May 13th was discussed and all in the village that had supplies cut off were advised about the compensation available from the Electricity Suppliers. If others want to follow the lead of some at the meeting wishing to donate their compensation to the Parish Account for future actions then please contact me for details.

Also under AoB there was a discussion about the possible impact that changes to the planting regime on Creech Hill could have; and also concerns about the village spring water supplies.

Please see the Draft Annual Meeting minutes for a record of discussions and actions.

Later in the year we hope there will be an opportunity at another meeting to invite our new Mendip District Councillor (Michael Gay) and the Somerset County Councillor (Nigel Hewitt-Cooper) to update us on their Council’s activities.

My thanks to Alison Stone for drafting these minutes

DRAFT Annual Parish Minutes 16th May 2019

Paul Chadwick (Parish Meeting Chairman)

01749 812420 & 07761 967075

(23/01/2019) Lamyatt Parish meeting – Tuesday 8th January

Many thanks to the 31 residents of the Parish that attended this meeting on a cold evening. There was a healthy discussion about highways & traffic measures; preparing for winter 2019; and whether or not to set a precept to cover any costs. The end result is that the Parish meeting determined that we won’t look to alter the current speed limit of 60mph in the village; nor apply for the signs looking to deter heavy lorries. It was also agreed that the salt for winter 2019/20 wouldn’t be bought by the Parish, but that Malcolm Frapple would coordinate raising funds and sourcing sufficient supplies. As a consequence no Parish precept will be set for the financial  year 2019/20.

The response from the County Council to the Parish about the Highway matters was received by the Parish Meeting Chairman, Paul Chadwick, on the morning of the 8th Jan. This was despite the request being made back in October, followed up by three e-mails and a phone call, and contacting the County Councillor twice to chase a response. The response is copied here. You will note that the County Council changed their estimate for the traffic costs but gave no reason for this. My thanks to our County Councillor for attempting to get a response from the Highways Dept on this matter.

correspondence with county council highways

draft parish minutes 8th january 2019 –Approved at the Meeting on 16th May 2019

Subsequent to the meeting, the County Council Highways and County Councillor have again been asked to clarify why the Highway improvement costs had escalated so much, and also to explain the delay in replying to enquiries. No response to date.

(*) see detail below of level of precept required to raise different amounts in the village and what it equates to as an annual payment per household

Please advise your neighbours if you think they might not have seen the formal Meeting notice on the village notice board or in the village hall or the 2 emails that have been circulated.

An Annual Precept for the Parish? What would it cost each household?

Virtually all of the Parishes levy an annual precept in order to pay for local services/facilities. The precept is part of the local Council taxes that all households pay and is based on what Council Tax band their house falls into. Lamyatt hasn’t levied a precept for the past few years but did levy a Parish precept towards the village hall extension.

Detail from Mendip DC below shows what the annual cost would be per household (final column) to raise various totals for the Parish to spend. This means, for example,  that to raise £2,000 the cost for a band D rated property would be £22.26 for the year = equivalent of 43p per week; & for a band H rated property the cost would be £44.52 per annum =  approx 86p per week

“The household will  get a charge depending on what Council Tax Band they are using the Tax Base. Please see below using 2018/2019 Tax Base (which will change next year) – Lamyat’s Tax base was 89.87


Precept                Calculation         Band D Increase in Tax bill annually

£500                       £500 / 89.87        £5.56      approx 10p per week

£1,000                   £1000 / 89.87      £11.13    approx 21p per week

£2,000                   £2000 / 89.87      £22.26    approx 43p per week

£3,000                   £3,000/89.87        £33.39   approx 64p per week

£4,000                    £4,000/89.87        £44.52   approx 86p per week

Then depending on what band the property is you’d have to calculate the following

Band A – Band D / 9 x 6

Band B – Band D / 9 x 7

Band C – Band D / 9 x 8

Band D  – As above

Band E – Band D / 9 x 11

Band F – Band D / 9 x 13

Band G – Band D / 9 x 15

Band H – Band D / 9 x 18 ”

DRAFT Parish Minutes 31st October 2018

Footpaths Update

former railway tunnel1

Footpath Re-opens: The footpath which used to go under the railway tunnel  was re-opened in October 2018 following the bulldozing of the tunnel. It’s again possible to reach the ‘Natterjack’ across the fields on this route. (photo 21/11/2018). The footpath down into Bruton via the Huish Track is particularly good at this time of year too.

(01/11/2018) Lamyat Parish Meeting –  summary of discussions

20 folk attended the Parish Meeting held on Wednesday 31st October 2018, for a discussion about setting a precept for the 2019/20 financial year – this was prompted by a request to consider purchasing a Defibrillator, but there was also a discussion about the need to be prepared for winter, and the possibility of reducing the speed limit through the village from 60 mph to 30 mph. A further meeting is to be held when the County Council provide more detail on the cost of the speed and lorry traffic order and signage.



Defibrillator – Local villager, Dr Jonathan Bone provided a presentation, on behalf of the village hall committee, which was read out to the Meeting as he couldn’t attend in person. This clarified when and how a defibrillator would be of use, and what the cost of such an item would be. It was felt that training in CPR/basic first aid would be a good first step and that if Jonathan was prepared to provide the training all would attend. That would also give folk the chance to ask further Qs of Jonathan about the defibrillator. At this stage there wasn’t agreement to purchase a defibrillator. Jonathan’s presentation is here: Why We Need An AED

Winter preparations – In the light of no salt being provided (for free) by the County Council this coming winter, it was agreed to spend the remaining £26 in the Parish account on salt. This would secure us 5 or 6x 20kg bags compared to the 20 bags we have usually received. Paul will order. The village salt bins wouldn’t be topped up, but those residents closest to them that look after the bins would ensure remaining salt in them could be usable. For Winter 2019 we would need to have a budget for buying more salt, for the bins and/or in bags.

The Shoot – Dates available by hand. Paul would speak to Nicholls again: there had been no signage put up; and there was a continuing problem that some residents faced with birds.

Traffic/Lorries – Given that the County Council had now agreed that we could reduce the speed limit from 60 mph to 30 mph, and also have the discretionary blue ‘no HGV’ signs, (but that we would have to pay) it was agreed to try and get more detailed costings.  Paul would also continue to see if the County would go some way to provide some of the  funding. Various other informal actions (e.g. parking of cars/use of tabards) can be taken by those on the road to try and slow traffic down.

Setting a precept – in the light of not having a breakdown of the speed limit/HGV signs it was agreed that we would meet again in the next few months to determine what the precept could be. It was also noted that we needed to have some funds to pay for the use of the village hall for Parish meetings.

DRAFT Parish Minutes 31st October 2018

Many thanks to all those who attended and contributed to the discussions.

Paul Chadwick, Parish Meeting Chairman 07761 967075 or

Please advise any of your neighbours that you think may not see this information.

The next Annual Parish Meeting is due to take place in May 2019 but there will be another Parish meeting in the next few months when the further costings, referred to above, are received.

(29/10/2018) Traffic through the village


We have now just received a response from SCC Highways Traffic Management Team:

“Somerset County Council (SCC) would not be in a position to pay for a reduction in the speed limit and would look to the Parish to fund it on a rechargeable basis, and implementation costs would be in the region of £3k-5k.

With regard to the discretionary blue ‘No HGV’ signs, we have no objection in principal to these signs however they would not apply to local farms or businesses. It should also be noted that SCC would not be a position to fund them and would look to order the signage on a rechargeable basis back to the Parish.

Clarification of the actual costs has been requested. The reason the County Council gives for it not being a priority to be funded by the County Council is due to the speed recordings taken in March, and budgetary pressures, although Central Govt policy is  “that a 30 mph speed limit should be the norm through villages.” (Dept of Transport Guidance on ‘Setting Local Speed Limits’ Section 73 – Para 131.)

At the Parish Meeting there will be a discussion about how to proceed with this issue and specifically how to pay for such works as are necessary. My thanks to Caryl Joyce and Romy Smallwood for joining me in having the stamina for us to arrive at this point!

Previous update here:

Update 13 July 2018

As with all vehicular traffic, if you feel there have been incidents of poor or dangerous driving, please make a note of company name (if visible); number plate; or take a photograph and report these directly to the Police, advising the Parish Chairperson, Paul, that you have done so in order that we can keep count of incidents, and subsequently raise these with relevant authorities/companies.

(23/10/2018) Defibrillator:

The Village Hall committee have asked that we consider the purchase of a defibrillator. Local resident Dr Jonathan Bone will provide background information and the points to consider for the meeting. Background information on when, and how, the equipment can be used is here: click on British Heart Foundation

The BHF also have a aed_guide_01-08-17. (AED stands for automated external defibrillators)

(23/10/2018) Preparing for winter:

Following on the ‘Beast from the East’ events of the 2 weekends in March 2018 which disrupted the village we will need to discuss what preparations are needed for 2018/19. The County Council Highways have now advised (on 22nd October) that they are reducing the salting/gritting work they undertake across the County; and, specifically, no longer providing free salt/grit for the grit bins or the bags of salt that we usually obtain to help keep Lamyatt roads open. We can purchase salt if required. Details here:

Gritting letter for parish councils

Precautionary gritting network 2018-19

Precautionary gritting network 2018-19 – removed sections from previous …


(04/10/18) Somerset Waste:

There is a crew shortage at present in the Waste services – this sometimes results in missed or late collections. They are currently looking to recruit additional drivers.  Always check the SWP website if in any doubt about what is recyclable and when; and contact them direct if you have any queries. The latest briefing now available is here:

SWP Briefing September 2018

SWP Member Briefing – Progress on Plastic

(04/10/2018) The Shoot –John Nicholls who organises the shoot has been asked to provide the list of possible dates for the shoot this season. A hard copy of the list is available from the Parish Meeting Chairman, Paul or from Anthony Ffooks.

Further to the issues raised at the Parish meeting, John Nicholls advised: “I can assure you that we will be doing all we can to prevent birds wandering.  We are in the process of putting up more fencing, which should help keep them where they’re meant to be.With regards to the dates, sometimes weather conditions on the day (i.e. fog and low cloud) affect where we go and what drives we do.  Because of this, in the past we have included lots of dates on the list, just in case we need to go to Lamyatt.  We understand it is frustrating if a date is on the list and we don’t arrive, but we were concerned that if the date was not on the list and we did do a drive in Lamyatt, that would potentially cause problems.  Perhaps you could let me know your thoughts on this?

On the subject of signs, we will put signs up from the start of the coming season.  We have always stopped the shooting if a walker or rider wishes to pass through, but agree that signs would be helpful. I hope this addresses any concerns…”

Please let Paul know your thoughts on the issue of dates.

(04/10/2018) Footpaths: many thanks to all the volunteers who have helped to keep various footpaths and bridleways open this past summer by clearing around a stile or  removing obstructions. The Trustees of the Alms House have been asked to formalise the situation regarding the obstruction of footpath SM13/9 (as raised at the Parish meeting).

The County Council Highways team have produced a Volunteer Newsletter September 2018 and this has useful information about who is responsible for keeping footpaths clear and  a report on all the good work being carried out across the County.

(17/10/2018) Broadband servicesLamyatt is included in Lot 3 – Eastern  -the Alhampton package where Fibre to the Property is intended. the plan was for minimum 30mb connection. Work was shown as due to commence in Q1 2019, and to be completed by Q3 2019, but we notice that the website has recently started to state ‘under review’ for all packages  – we will keep an eye on how progress is being made in nearby Parishes where their start date was earlier than ours.

GigaClear Statement, as released 8th October 2018 : “On behalf of Gigaclear plc, I would like to apologise for the delays in delivering a full fibre network across rural Devon and Somerset. Whilst the first customers are now connected in East Devon, the project is running significantly behind schedule and we accept our performance to date has fallen short of the high standards that we set for ourselves.”

For an explanation of why there is now a delay and what they envisage doing about it:

Connectingdevonandsomerset: GigaClear-delays

You may register your interest. This does not commit you to anything, it just allows Gigaclear to keep you informed on progress with the rollout.  You can also find out more about the likely cost of the various services from Gigaclear and the Internet Service Providers on he same website.

For those who have signed up to an alternative provider, it will be in your interest to keep your options open by registering.

(04/10/2018) Planning Matters: As discussed and agreed at the Annual Parish meeting, where we are made aware of them, we will whenever possible list all planning applications that affect the parish on this website. This gives all living in Lamyat Parish the opportunity to see what developments are in the pipeline, and to comment as they see fit. Alternatively you can register on the Mendip Council website to receive notifications of new applications.

The Parish view will be submitted by the planning sub-group of Paul Chadwick (Parish Chair), Romy Smallwood, Simon Lang, and David Ash. All  correspondence sent or received by the Planning group is held on file and available for all in the Parish to review. A copy of the District Councils Planning Policies is held by the Parish group, but can be seen online on the Mendip planning portal. Applications for development should also have a notice pinned up on the premises to alert any villager, and close neighbours should be notified direct by Mendip Council

If you have views on any planning application, positive or negative, or concerned with the detail, which you think that the Parish planning group should take account of,  then please let them know. Other comments relating to the application are, as usual, available to view on the Mendip Council planning portal.

The most recent planning application, for the ‘Erection of a first and first floor side extension – Bakewell House’, was approved in early December 2018 with conditions and that can be seen on the Mendip Planning portal here

(08/05/2018) Mendip Local Plan Consultation: the District Council is now finalising  the Draft Local Plan Part 2. This contains policies for the District concerned with, inter alia,  housing allocations and potential employment site growth. The relevant website page is  here

The Planning sub-group of Paul Chadwick, Romy Smallwood, David Ash and Simon Lang met to discuss the Plan proposals and they submitted a set of comments on behalf of the Parish. You can have sight of their submission here: Lamyat Parish comments on Mendip Local Plan II. The Mendip website also now lists all other comments submitted by the deadline and these can be found here (all 717 comments, though only a few perhaps directly relevant to Lamyat Parish). We await further news on this.

Read on for important links and background on the Parish Meeting


Lamyat Parish

Lamyatt village and surrounding outlying farms and houses are part of Lamyat Parish. The Parish is too small to have a Parish Council but since 1894 it has held a Parish Meeting at which local issues have been debated and discussed. (Note that whilst the village name has two ‘t’s the wider parish name has only one in historical records)

There has always been at least an Annual Meeting, and on occasions additional Meetings are held to discuss specific major issues. The Meeting through its Chair, and assisted by others, has been able to: bring a piped water supply to the village (1930’s); oversee the supply of electricity to the village (1940’s); press for the building of local authority housing in the village (1950’s); help resolve flooding and drainage problems on the High Street (1990’s-2000’s); raise a precept to help fund the village hall extension (2010’s). Of course some issues, such as planning developments both within the Parish and adjacent Parishes; highway and transport problems; and rights of way matters; have cropped up on a regular basis.

The Lamyat Parish history as told through the Parish Meeting minute book gives us an insight into how issues have been dealt with, and may make us realise that some have been around in some shape or form for over 100 years!

The 2017 Annual Meeting elected Paul Chadwick as Chairman and gave thanks to the previous chairman Anthony Ffooks for chairing the Meeting in recent times.  The Parish Meeting Secretary is Ali Stone. The actions of the Parish are carried out by the Parish Chairman, with the help of others in the Parish and at the Meeting in October 2017 David Ash, Romy Smallwood, and Simon Lang volunteered to help with planning matters. Contact numbers for Paul: 01749 812420 & 07761 967075

The Minutes of the Parish Meeting

Parish Minutes 18th June 2018 – Approved at the Annual Parish Meeting on 16th May 2019

Parish Minutes 25th Oct 2017 – Approved at the  Parish Meeting on 18th June 2018

Parish Minutes 26th oct 2016 – Approved at the Parish Meeting on 18th June 2018

Copies of most of the previous Parish Meetings are held in archives.

Lamyat Parish history 1894 to 1918

Further extracts from the minute book will be added at a later date. If anyone wishes to see the original minute book and maps held by the parish please contact Paul.


The Parish Meeting has always depended on volunteers within the community to help look after the Parish. That might be to help look after a particular footpath; to ensure that any nearby drain or culvert is clear of debris; or to keep a stock of salt ready for use on the road in winter. Please contact the Parish Chairman if you want to ‘adopt’ a drain or footpath!


Parish Meeting Chairman: Paul Chadwick, Witch Craig, Portway Hill, Lamyatt, BA4 6NJ   01749 812420/07761 967075

Somerset County Council Highways – to report a pothole or blocked drain 0300 123 2224 or use the template here

Roads & Transport Team 

Local Mendip Area Depot

To report a pothole or blocked drain it is useful to take a photo of the location and send it with an email. Highways will endeavour to inspect within 48 hours and give you feedback. The road gullies in the parish are part of the Council’s Programmed activity, which are currently cleaned on a bi annual cycle. The gullies were last cleaned in the 2016/2017 financial year and are scheduled to be cleared again in the 2018/2019 financial year.

Rights of Way – please contact Paul for a copy of the definitive rights of way map. The Parish aims to ensure all are kept open with the assistance of landowners and the County Council’s Rights of Way team. There has also been a request for the Parish to place an appropriately mounted copy on a display board in the parish – suggestions for location welcome at the next Parish Meeting.

Contact to report any obstructions or concerns

Note: Clare Haskins helps look after Lamyat Parish R.o.W.

Mendip District Council Planning – to submit an application or comment on an application

You can follow the progress with an application by going to the District Council website. Any significant development will need planning permission and any neighbour will be notified and a notice posted up on the property. The Parish Meeting will be asked for comments and observations and in addition to any comments you send in yourselves you could ask the Parish Meeting Chair to make comments. When there is any application made within the Parish this page will carry notice of it with a link to relevant documents.

Mendip District Council main switchboard for all matters 0300 303 8588

The District Council produces a monthly Parish bulletin with a range of useful information including that from other local agencies.  This information includes items of relevance to those in business as well as for local residents.

Waste & recycling collections – check the Somerset Waste Partnership website if in any doubt about collection dates/updates, especially if weather or some other event upsets the schedule. Usually, Lamyat properties see a recycling collection every Friday; and waste collection every alternate Friday, but note that Bank Holidays can affect that pattern.

Join the village/parish email list. Regular e-mails are sent around by Caryl Joyce. Please give Caryl your e-mail address if you wish to receive these.

Neighbourhood Watch & Farm Watch – Anthony Ffooks has confirmed that he is the contact for these. Please contact him for more information.

Lamyatt village oil buying group – Anthony Ffooks continues to look after this group and a village e-mail goes round to remind all who want to be in on an order. Orders are placed approximately every Quarter- Please contact Anthony by telephone on 812994 or email on

BULLBEGGAR CIDER – 2018 – info

Spark – have been providing practical support to the voluntary sector in Somerset for many years. Their aim is to inspire strong and sustainable communities through voluntary and community action. Spark website

Community Council for Somerset – CCS supports organisations and individuals throughout the County, and they have been involved in many successful projects.  01823 331222  CCS website