Lamyatt Matters

Current Parish Meeting Notices (will appear here when current)

(16/03/2018) Somerset Waste Collections: One or two folk in the Parish may have been caught out following the recent disruption in waste collections after the snow of early March. The standard advice is to continue to put the waste out for up to 4 days afterwards whilst SWP catch up. I know the staff were working long shifts to get back to normal in the week after the snow. Always check the SWP website if in any doubt about what is recyclable and when; and contact them direct if you have any queries. Get ready for the changes to Easter collections too!SWP Briefing March 2018

(16/03/2018) Planning Matters: As discussed and agreed at the last Annual Parish meeting, where we are made aware of them, we will list all planning applications that affect the parish on this website. This gives all living in Lamyat Parish the opportunity to see what developments are in the pipeline, and to support or object as they see fit. The Parish view will be submitted by the planning sub-group of Paul Chadwick (Parish Chair), Romy Smallwood, Simon Lang, and David Ash. If you have views which you think that group should take account of then please let them know.

There has been two applications notified to us in the past month. One is in neighbouring Wyke Parish and is a development on the Wyke Farms site; and the other is a small application by residents Mark & Sally Schofield at Ambergate on Portway Hill. We also anticipate an application soon for retrospective permission from Neil & Susan Mantell at Hill View, Portway Hill, but this is not yet available.

The relevant links:

Wyke: “The erection of cheese and butter production facility including meeting and welfare areas with associated parking, lighting, landscaping and drainage.”

Ambergate: Proposed erection of raised wooden decking to side elevation and wrapping around to the rear elevation and associated works. – 

The Parish planning group have now written in support of the Wyke Farms planning proposals and the decking proposal at Ambergate.

(27/02/2018) Large Vehicles/Lorries & Speeding through the village: It is inevitable that from time to time we will face large vehicles coming through the Village, and that some vehicles will also take literally that there is an unrestricted speed limit on the village roads.

Caryl Joyce and Paul Chadwick met with the SCC Highways Officer on 27th February to discuss the best location for the RADAR speed recording device which will soon be used in the village. This will record number and speeds of vehicles over a period of time to provide data on traffic & speed behaviour. When the results are back we hope to see what proposals the County Council have for reviewing the speed limit on the main (High) street. At the same time we have also asked the Highways authority to review the potential for a discretionary (blue) lorry restriction sign.

Previous updates and background can be found here: Update 27 February 2018

As with all vehicular traffic, if you feel there have been incidents of poor or dangerous driving, please make a note of company name (if visible); number plate; or take a photograph and report these directly to the Police, advising the Parish Chairperson, Paul, that you have done so in order that we can keep count of incidents, and subsequently raise with relevant authorities/companies.

(15/02/18) Mendip Local Plan Consultation: the District Council is now finalising  the Draft Local Plan Part 2. This contains policies for the District concerned with, inter alia,  housing allocations and potential employment site growth. The relevant website page is  here

The Planning sub-group of Paul Chadwick, Romy Smallwood, David Ash and Simon Lang met to discuss the Plan proposals and they submitted a set of comments on behalf of the Parish by the deadline of 12th February. You can have sight of the submission here: Lamyat Parish comments on Mendip Local Plan II.

(03/03/2018) Salt for de-icing Highways: The 10x20kg bags of salt were collected from County Council Highways supplies on Saturday 25th November. Distribution was made then to Taddywoody and 3 roadside locations on Portway Hill –  and subsequently on 2nd March further distribution was made to roadside locations up past the Church. The Grit bins are at the Church Carpark,  by the Bus shelter and opposite Waddon Cottages – all were full and are to be used when needed. Please help your neighbours and yourselves by keeping the road in front of your house clear of ice, especially if there is an old spring/water course that occasionally overflows. There is still 1 spare bag of salt at the Village hall. The Council also publishes Your Guide to Winter Services 1718  which may help you plan journeys across the County .

Lamyatt in the snow

(30/01/18) Pot Holes & blocked drains A number of people in the village have successfully used the links (see below) to the County Council Highways Dept to report a pothole or a blocked drain.  Experience shows that the Highways folk come out very quickly to inspect, and subsequently to carry out the work. If you see a pot hole – don’t assume that it has already been reported – Highways (& ourselves) would rather 2 or more people reported the same problem, than none!

(30/01/18) Temporary closure of footpath across to the ‘Natterjack’: just when you might have been contemplating a quick stroll for a half at one of our nearby hostelries (!) we have notice that there are repairs afoot on the tunnel, following falling/loose brickwork, under the old railway line.  There is now a 6 month closure on this path and it is on the list for the repairs to be carried out.  When it is re-opened perhaps we can celebrate with a lunch-time village outing?

(01/11/17) Broadband services: GigaClear Statement : “Congratulations, Gigaclear and Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) are working together to bring the UK’s fastest broadband to your community, as part of several build phases between now and the end of 2019. Gigaclear will be installing a new Fibre To The Premises broadband network in your area over the next 3 years bringing speeds from 50Mbps up to 1000Mbps to properties included in the project. Currently, Gigaclear and CDS are finalising the rollout schedule for the coverage area and will send out communications to the properties involved as soon as the scheduling process is complete. In the meantime you may register your interest by clicking the button below. This does not commit you to anything, it just allows Gigaclear to keep you informed on progress with the rollout. Find out more about ‘Connecting Devon and Somerset Rollout Schedule by Gigaclear’.

We are currently shown as part of the Alhampton package (no 1) with build start Q1 2019 and completion Q3 2019. Please ensure you register an interest – this does not commit you to the service – as this will help Lamyat be more of a priority. For those who have signed up to an alternative provider, it will be in your interest to keep your options open by registering.  Register here.

Read on for important links and background on the Parish Meeting


Lamyat Parish

Lamyatt village and surrounding outlying farms and houses are part of Lamyat Parish. The Parish is too small to have a Parish Council but since 1894 it has held a Parish Meeting at which local issues have been debated and discussed. (Note that whilst the village name has two ‘t’s the wider parish name has only one)

There has always been at least an Annual Meeting, and on occasions additional Meetings are held to discuss specific major issues. The Meeting through its Chair, and assisted by others, has been able to: bring a piped water supply to the village (1930’s); oversee the supply of electricity to the village (1940’s); press for the building of local authority housing in the village (1950’s); help resolve flooding and drainage problems on the High Street (1990’s-2000’s); raise a precept to help fund the village hall extension (2010’s). Of course some issues, such as planning developments both within the Parish and adjacent Parishes; highway and transport problems; and rights of way matters; have cropped up on a regular basis.

The Lamyat Parish history as told through the Parish Meeting minute book gives us an insight into how issues have been dealt with, and may make us realise that some have been around in some shape or form for over 100 years!

The 2017 Annual Meeting elected Paul Chadwick as Chairman and our thanks to the outgoing chairman Anthony Ffooks for chairing the Meeting in recent times.  The Parish Meeting Secretary is Ali Stone. The actions of the Parish are carried out by the Parish Chairman, with the help of others in the Parish and at the Meeting in October 2017 David Ash, Romy Smallwood, and Simon Lang volunteered to help with planning matters in the coming year.

The Minutes of the Parish Meeting

Parish Minutes 25th Oct 2017 – DRAFT to be approved at the next Parish Meeting

Parish Minutes 26th oct 2016 – DRAFT to be approved at the next Parish Meeting

Copies of most of the previous Parish Meetings are held in archives.

Lamyat Parish history 1894 to 1918

Further extracts from the minute book will be added at a later date. If anyone wishes to see the original minute book and maps held by the parish please contact Paul.


The Parish Meeting has always depended on volunteers within the community to help look after the Parish. That might be to help look after a particular footpath; to ensure that any nearby drain or culvert is clear of debris; or to keep a stock of salt ready for use on the road in winter. Please contact the Parish Chairman if you want to ‘adopt’ a drain or footpath!


Parish Meeting Chairman: Paul Chadwick, Witch Craig, Portway Hill, Lamyatt, BA4 6NJ   01749 812420/07761 967075

Somerset County Council Highways – to report a pothole or blocked drain 0300 123 2224 or use the template here

Roads & Transport Team 

Local Mendip Area Depot

To report a pothole or blocked drain it is useful to take a photo of the location and send it with an email. Highways will endeavour to inspect within 48 hours and give you feedback. The road gullies in the parish are part of the Council’s Programmed activity, which are currently cleaned on a bi annual cycle. The gullies were last cleaned in the 2016/2017 financial year and are scheduled to be cleared again in the 2018/2019 financial year.

Rights of Way – please contact Paul for a copy of the definitive rights of way map. The Parish aims to ensure all are kept open with the assistance of landowners and the County Council’s Rights of Way team. There has also been a request for the Parish to place an appropriately mounted copy on a display board in the parish – suggestions for location welcome at the next Parish Meeting.

Contact to report any obstructions or concerns

Note: Clare Haskins helps look after Lamyat Parish R.o.W.

Mendip District Council Planning – to submit an application or comment on an application

You can follow the progress with an application by going to the District Council website. Any significant development will need planning permission and any neighbour will be notified and a notice posted up on the property. The Parish Meeting will be asked for comments and observations and in addition to any comments you send in yourselves you could ask the Parish Meeting Chair to make comments. When there is any application made within the Parish this page will carry notice of it with a link to relevant documents.

Mendip District Council main switchboard for all matters 0300 303 8588

The District Council produces a monthly Parish bulletin with a range of useful information including that from other local agencies.  This information includes items of relevance to those in business as well as for local residents.

Waste & recycling collections – check the Somerset Waste Partnership website if in any doubt about collection dates/updates, especially if weather or some other event upsets the schedule. Usually, Lamyat properties see a recycling collection every Friday; and waste collection every alternate Friday, but note that Bank Holidays can affect that pattern.

Join the village/parish email list. Regular e-mails are sent around by Caryl Joyce. Please give Caryl your e-mail address if you wish to receive these.

Lamyatt village oil buying group – Anthony Ffooks continues to look after this group and a village e-mail goes round to remind all who want to be in on an order. The latest e-mail was on 2nd Jan 2018: “2018 Oil Orders will be in January, March, May, August and November. A “Caryl Mail” email will be sent out on the first day of these months and all orders received by THURSDAY evening will be included in the Order which will be placed with Watson Fuels on the Friday. Delivery will be within 10 working days from the Friday.” Please contact Anthony by telephone on 812994 or email on

Spark – have been providing practical support to the voluntary sector in Somerset for many years. Their aim is to inspire strong and sustainable communities through voluntary and community action. Spark website

Community Council for Somerset – CCS supports organisations and individuals throughout the County, and they have been involved in many successful projects.  01823 331222  CCS website