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TREE HOUSE – November 2016

On 18th November 2016, the newly extended village hall was able to host its first ever professional theatre production when the Dorset-based writer Chris Fogg was able to bring his production of ‘Tree House’ to the hall. The performance was promoted as part of the Somerset Take Art programme and saw a sell-out audience enthralled and entertained by a high energy performance by the three actors and a musician. It was a story of promises, hope and redemption, with warmth, humour and compassion – a very fitting play for Lamyatt.

“Tree House relates the haphazard fortunes of Robbie, Jane and Alan, whom we first encounter as children playing in a tree house on a piece of waste ground. We follow them as they navigate their way along the different rungs of the social and property ladder. Jane goes into law, politics and the media; Alan pursues a career in property, finance and the City; while Robbie joins the Army, defusing roadside bombs. Some years later fate conspires to bring all three back to the waste ground, back to the tree house, where old scores are settled in a final act of reckoning.”