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Past events

Since opening the newly refurbished hall, with excellent acoustics, in May 2016, we’ve been able to host a number of professional artists – some through the Somerset Take Arts programme, and others sponsored by local villagers. We intend to host and promote 3 or 4 per year. This is all on top of the excellent open air Shakespeare in Lamyatt performance held elsewhere in the village!

2019 Reviews:

  • Kali – Emily Hennessey & Sheema Mukherjee gave an excellent performance of Indian storytelling accompanied by sitar music
  • Will Finn & Rosie Calvert– the duo played some intriguing music using keyboards, steel pan and banjo, with close harmonies
  • Pip Utton brought his one man production of ‘At home with Will Shakespeare‘. He transported us back to that time when the pressure was on Will to produce yet another play…A truly spellbinding performance.

2018 Reviews:



Scratchworks Theatre Company


Clive Carroll- February 2017

Clive Carroll was Lamyatt’s second Take Art sponsored performance to grace the new Village hall. On 8th February 2017 the virtuoso guitar player demonstrated his inspirational playing of a wide range of musical styles and eras from Elizabethan lute music, Spanish guitar classics, Delta Blues and modern day rock anthems with hints of Chet Atkins and Django Reinhardt.

“Born into a family of musicians, Clive Carroll was included in Total Guitar Magazine’s ‘Top 10 Acoustic Guitarists of All Time’ and has recorded and performed all over the world, alongside guitarists such as John Reborn, Tommy Emmanuel and John Williams.”

The hall demonstrated that its acoustic quality was of a high standard, and Clive, both through his musicianship but also his ability to strike up a rapport with the Lamyatt audience was a hit with the sell-out crowd. Clive even managed to include village and musician David Ash in a great ‘Duelling Banjos’ number!

Kate Dimbleby – September 2017

The third Take Art promoted event to be held in the Lamyatt village hall was the performance by Kate Dimbleby on 30th September 2017. The 50 strong audience had an excellent evening as Kate showcased her Songbirds collection of music using a music-looper to add layers and texture to her rich vocals. Many of the songs are inspired by her family background and the sights and sounds of where she has lived.

The acapella sound was much appreciated by the audience who were encouraged and enthused enough to join in and a great rapport was built up between performer and audience. “When can we have her back?”

2016  – to fully launch the new village hall our very first professional performance, through the Take Art programme, was by Chris Fogg productions of ‘Tree House’ – review here: November 2016 . It was naturally enough a sell out event with a knock out story of our times!


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