OrchardA number of years ago we formed a village co-operative to produce our own dry and medium cider. It’s named Bullbeggar after the Spirit that’s said to roam Creech Hill at night and look down on the village.

Villagers help to harvest the ancient varieties of local apples in the Montgomery orchard on Apple Day, and we sell the resulting tipple at Somerset fetes, festivals, bars and restaurants as well as many retail outlets and restaurants in London and across the country. We produce a limited number of bottles which are also available to purchase from us here in Lamyatt. The ‘village bottling team’ – whether filling the bottles with the help of our friends at Hecks in Street, or adding the special Bullbeggar bottle labels prior to shipment from Lamyatt, work hard at the task. Contact Nick if you want to volunteer your time to the team, or to order a case or two.

This is very much a traditional orchard, planted to make a blended cider, and which is under-grazed by sheep in the summer months. History relates that the varieties in the orchard include Bulmers Norman, Yarlington Mill, Michelin, Sops in Wine, Jersey, Dabinett, Somerset Red Streak and Brown Snout.

Our simple, old fashioned methods produce small quantities of clean, crisp and fresh tasting cider of the highest quality, and has attracted the attention of the National Press. We mature it in old rum and whisky barrels to create its distinctive flavour.  We also make unfiltered, Apple Juice from apples harvested  from the surrounding area which is then pasteurised ready for sale and is available from us here in Lamyatt.

We very much  hope you enjoy it.

If you would like to know more, to help with the production,  or would like to place an order, please contact Nick Smallwood on 01749 814934 or by email


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