2014 – The Comedy of errors

The Festival Players gave us a superlative performance of Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’ on Saturday 5th July. A few drops of rain dried up completely as the play began and the sun shone over a delighted three hundred plus audience for the rest of the evening. The 40 children sitting at the front were in stitches at the antics of the all-male cast. Some of the committee, in costume, entertained the crowd on arrival while others handled the seating arrangements and the parking of more than one hundred cars in Ern and Jen’s field. We are so grateful to the thirty or so local businesses who sponsored our efforts this year. The hard work of those from the village who make up the Shakespeare committee paid off again and we are able to make a significant contribution to Lamyatt Church and the Village Hall project.


2014 The Comedy of Errors Poster - web compressed

Am I in Earth, in Heaven, or in Hell?”

Shakespeare’s shortest play is a brilliant farce of mistaken identities, combined with a few undertones of the dramatic and sinister. A master and his servant arrive in a foreign port which, unbeknown to them, is the home of their long-lost twin brothers. Mayhem ensues as brother is taken for brother in a riotous train of misunderstandings, seduction, and pursuit. A colourful and entertaining romp.



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